The company has served 64 major brands and thousands of entrepreneurs over the past 13 years. The company delivers goods in more than 7,000 containers to customers almost every year through a 2,600-square-foot center.
Our clients
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These customers include retail stores, internet stores, and wholesale businesses. They want to bring goods from China at affordable prices, expand their range and offer customers a wider selection.
1. Sales representatives interested in expanding the range of products
These customers include manufacturers and logistics companies. They are interested in looking for opportunities to buy components, raw materials from China and reduce logistics costs.
2. Enterprises that want to reduce costs to the maximum
These clients include businesses involved in international trade and business consultants in the field of logistics. They mainly want to find partners in China to expand their services and use the company's many years of experience.
3. Types of business related to international trade
These customers include small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as startups. They do not have the opportunity to independently organize the purchase and delivery of goods from China, so they apply to TOTRANS LOGISTICS.
4. Enterprises that do not have the opportunity to independently organize their own logistics
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Fast, reliable and high-quality logistics Fast, reliable and high-quality logistics Fast, reliable and high-quality logistics
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